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Member News

HWC Poetry Group

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Hunter Writers Centre funded the publication of the HWC poetry group’s series of poems that pay tribute to Margaret Olley. Olley was an iconic figure in Australian art whose main focus on landscapes and interiors turned everyday objects and scenes into bursts of colour. As the model for one of Australia’s most recognised Archibald Prize-winning portraits by William Dobell, she looks out towards the viewer, a serene presence with a hint of mischief in her eyes. The book can be purchased from the Newcastle Art Gallery for $15.

Member News – Graham Davidson

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Graham was shortlisted in the Writers Unleashed Picture Book writing competition and attended the one-day conference in Sydney to receive his award.

Launched in Christchurch on Sept 2nd, Wish Upon a Southern Star is an anthology of re-told fairy tales (up to 10000 words each) for a YA audience. The work of 21 authors from Australia and New Zealand was chosen, including Graham Davidson’s 10000 word story, The Tale of Krinkle-myst, Cinderella and the Prince: The True Cinderella Story. The re-telling is set in modern-day Sydney, with Cinderella and the Prince having failed to realise their destiny 1500 years in a row.


Story Time Lane

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Graham Davidson and Emily S. Smith have created “Storytime Lane”, a YouTube channel with regular storytelling webisodes and a corresponding website (which also sells picture books written and illustrated by Emily and Graham), in response to the declining literacy rates in Australia. They hope their project will support the development of young children’s literacy skills by providing adults and children with access to visual storytelling and free resources and activities that extend on those stories. The webisodes will have an Auslan interpreter signing the stories so more people have a greater access to the content. In conjunction with the Hunter Writers’ Centre, Graham and Emily will be launching the first webisode, the website and also the first book “Betty the Yeti’s Disappointing Day” at Wallsend Library on January 27th 2018.