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Brigitte – A caseworker’s story

By February 5, 2018The Lake

By ???

She was 14 when I met her. I had returned from leave and was working the overnight shift. The other workers said she had not come out of her room. One midnight she asked to speak to me.
    She told me she watched her father kill her little brother and described it to me in graphic detail. She was placed into foster care when her parents were put into jail. Her foster father sexually assaulted her from the age 6 to 13. He was found guilty and jailed, the foster mother told her it was all her fault and she didn’t want her any more. She self harmed and was bulimic. She was always told she would never amount to anything. With support, understanding and kindness I watched her grow and blossom.
    Four years later she sent me photos of her year 12 formal.
    But her story doesn’t end there. She sent me an email to tell me she was studying Design at university.