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Bec’s Story

By February 5, 2018The Lake

We were living in the garage at Nan and Pop’s place: Mum, Dad, my brother and me. Dad was never there much, he spent any time that he wasn’t working at the pub. He used to play a game where they’d spin a bottle around on a map then drive, drunk, wherever it pointed. Sometimes we wouldn’t see him for days. When he tells those stories now, he says it like it was cool. Cool for who, though?
    There wasn’t much room but we managed okay and we could play outside as long as we wanted. The worst bit was the bit of floor that was broken near the door. If you timed your step up too short you’d end up with bleeding toes or worse.
    I always knew when dad was home because he snored. Really loud. To this day, snoring brings me comfort and balances my fear of abandonment.
    Mum always did her best. Married to an alcoholic and part time drug addict, two kids, living in her parents shed. Thank God Nan could cook, because Mum wasn’t great at it. But she made sure of everything else.