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By February 4, 2018The Bay
By ????
I lived with Mum and my little sister for the first part of my life. Dad was in jail and we were waiting for him to get out.
    Mum had a house where my sister and me had a room each but it belonged to a man and he kicked us out.
    We would stay at lots of different places with lots of different peopled and mum would work all night. In the mornings I would
have to yell at Mum right up close to her ear because she always had her eyes shut and looked like she was asleep sitting up.
    We stayed with a couple once and they had a little girl. The lady made us dinner -vegetable soup and sausages with mashed potato
and vegetables - it was so yummy. We would have dinner, a shower and get to watch TV then go to bed while Mum was at work. It was 
really good.
    But Mum took off and didn’t come home for a few days so we had to leave. They were nice people.
    We moved next door and the man was mean. I never went to school and I would look after my little sister.
    Dad never did get out of jail and Mum ended up going to jail. I never saw my sister again because we got split up when Mum went to jail.