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Brothers in arms

– those mist covered mountains –
By Ellen Shelley
I followed our friendship over mountains.
Navigating girlhood
exploring our dreams.

I followed our friendship into the unknown.
Our first taste of liquor
the first taste of love.

I followed our friendship through the fog.
Stumbling into adulthood
the death of your father.

I followed our friendship to the summit.
The warm glow of loyalty
the birth of our children.

I followed our friendship into a crossroad.
A division in our choices
an unspoken disharmony.

I limped after our friendship.
Scavenging for a connection
to bind our lives together.

I poked carefully around our friendship.
Avoiding awkward exchanges
nothing left to say.

I relinquished our friendship,
and am left asking the question:
am I where I am now because of you
or me?